Strangecat Toys Exclusive Zombcats Story 010 – Alice by Morimei

Next up for Morimei’s Zombcats is the Strangecat Toys Exclusive Story 010 – Alice edition soft vinyl art toy. The Alice edition of the serious, slightly zombified cat (see bandage on leg) features a Cheshire-like pink on pink, striped design with yellow eyes. This exclusive edition also includes a blue on gray chase edition that appears to be double-poured. With its extra-large head, squat body, and priceless expression, Zombcat has a strong presence that transcends its cuteness.

The Strangecat Toys Exclusive Zombcats Story 010 – Alice soft vinyl art toy is available (137 pieces) via lottery for $50 from Strangecat Toy’s online store. The deadline to enter is Tuesday (11.2) at 9 AM PDT.

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