‘Relax’ by Jun Oson x Gallery Ascend

As a followup to their just-completed Distance in HK solo with Japanese artist Jun Oson, Gallery Ascend is releasing the Relax resin art sculpture as a fun halloween drop. A table-top version of the larger-than-life sculpture that anchored the exhibition, Relax features Oson’s skull character chilling out on a bean bag while enjoying some private listening.

An edition of 44 (plus 6 AP), the Relax resin sculpture (7.09″ W x 7.09″ x 14.96″ L) is available via lottery from Ascend Gallery for $1100. To enter email info@galleryascend.com with a subject of ‘Halloween Special’ before the deadline of Sunday (10.31) at 7 AM PDT. While not specifically requested, it probably makes sense to include your name and mailing address. Winners will be notified via email by November 14th.

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