A Look at the Upcoming ‘Fat Boy and His Toys’ Art Toy by Fatoh x Hammer Studios

Thai artist Fatoh has dropped a tantalizing tease of his upcoming original Fat Boy and His Toys art toy. Fatboy is drawn from the artist’s passion for urban life previously seen with his recent portrayal of the late MF Doom as well as his over-the-top takes on Star Wars characters.

The new original character features Fatoh’s signature puffy jacket with some playful proportions as the sleeves go from normal at the shoulder to super puffy at the wrists. Ready for the harsh winter, the character is layered-up with a hoodie, scarf and knit cap. In a way, the design—digitally sculpted by Hammer Studios—almost seems inspired by a longing for the cold climate that is completely opposite to that of warm, humid Thailand.

After numerous high quality renditions of hip hop legends and pop culture franchises, Fatoh’s original design is a welcome addition to his body of work. We’re looking forward to the eventual reveal of the character’s ‘toys’. No word yet on a release date for the figure.

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