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What if Sun Stopped Burning?
Firstly, if Sun Stopped Burning, it will not be visible anymore, time to say goodbye to those beautiful sunrises.
Secondly, if Sun Stopped Burning, we may need to carry torch lights even during daytime.
Thirdly, if Sun Stopped Burning, humans along with animals may need to shift to a different solar system.
Fourthly, moon gets its light from the Sun, if Sun Stopped Burning, moon may not stop crying.
Fifthly, if Sun Stopped Burning, planets of the Solar System may try very hard to light up the Sun again.
Lastly, if Sun Stopped Burning, people may not know when to sleep or wake-up, everybody will be confused.

0:00 – What if Sun Stopped Burning?
1:12 – What if we Lived on the Sun?
2:17 – What if Fishes started Walking?


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