Fire Ball Dungby (& Pooba) by Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell’s poo-tastic pair returns with the new Fire Ball Dungby (& Pooba) vinyl art toy set. The third edition of the dung duo is a translucent trip with a deep red-orange Pooba Fire Ball and an orange Dungby. Dungby rings up the extra style points with the solid orange spray up front that fades away to the translucent base vinyl towards the back. The translucency adds extra flair and fun to Dungby (& Pooba)’s outstanding playability with the dung beetle’s six individually articulated legs and the come-apart dung ball for handy storage.

An edition of 50(!), the Fire Ball Dungby (& Pooba) soft vinyl art toy set drops on Monday (9.13) at 8 AM PDT from Dead Zebra for $75. In addition to the toys, Andrew Bell will also release the new 2-piece Dungby Shit Show enamel pin set.

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