1000% ‘All Is Well’ Banana Boo by Ton Mak x Pop Mart

Ton Mak’s curious, cute Banana Boo character from her Flabjacks line is going is going big with the new 1000% All Is Well vinyl art toy from Pop Mart. With its 27.5″ light blue and purple pastel banana fabric suit, the figure has a fun, quirky vibe. Without the suit the character’s bubbly personality comes through with flowers on the front of its lavender body and ‘All is Well’ in multicolor text on the back. The lime green on the feet continue the playful spirit of the design.

The 1000% All is Well vinyl art toy (27.5″)—part of Pop Mart’s Mega Collection—will be available on Thursday (7.9) at 7 PM PDT from Pop Mart for $695. Twenty pieces are available for this international release.

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