Disney Car Toys Candy Gifts, Butch's Flu Bug & EvanTube's Neon Arcade!

​​​Fortunately today was Campbell’s Soup Day! Butch was going to take the day off, but then he heard there was food! Lucky Penny Thoughts: You just never know what will happen at the Lucky Penny Shop. Today was going to be a special Target Limited Edition Campbell’s Soup and we ended up eating all kinds of candy from Sandra at Disney Car Toys. For some strange reason Butch all of a sudden felt better! I thought the soup was going to help, but the Dr Pepper Jelly Belly’s did the trick!


Video footage provided by – DisneyCarToys & EvanTubeHD

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Target Limited Edition Chicken Soup With Special Shapes
Disney Princesses Campbell’s Soup
Disney Cars Campbell’s Soup
Disney’s Frozen, Elsa & Anna Campbell’s Soup
Scooby Doo Campbell’s Soup
Mario Campbell’s Soup

Nik L Nips
Cry Baby Tears
Dr Pepper Jelly Belly
Hello Kitty PEZ

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