The Pirate Song (Aargh!) (for kids of all ages) from the "My Halloween" album by In A World

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The Pirate Song (Aargh!) A fun, memorable pirate chantey for all ages. See these puppet pirates sail the high seas singing about the joys of being a Pirate.

This popular song is sure to delight. The Nirks Puppets will entertain you with song, dance and comedy for children of all ages. The songs are designed to educate, entertain and encourage kids to keep learning, moving and having fun.


Matey, welcome aboard, cutlass, daggers, and swords, on Guard!
We’ll go on a trip, and we’ll travel by ship, not car.

If you want to be a pirate, then go ahead and try it! Say “AARGH!”
If you believe you’re a pirate, then you can’t deny it, you are!

We’ve accordion and flute, a drum and a lute and guitar.
So let’s dance a jig with a pot-bellied pig, bizarre!

It’s all up for grabs, lobsters, oysters and crabs, caviar.
So go ahead and try it, and be the pirate you are.

Just say “AARGH!” Pirates say “AARGH!” A Pirate you are! “AARGH!”

Voyages are cold, damp, and soggy, wet, windy, and foggy so far.
We scream angry remarks: “Feed ‘em to the Sharks!” It’s not hard.

Hang ‘em from the gallows! Overboard to the shallows! AARGH!
Aye, we do as we please, because we rule the high seas! We’re in charge!

Just say “AARGH!” Pirates say “AARGH!” A Pirate you are! “AARGH!”

Treasure and jewels, sword fights and duels.
Laughing and chuckling, we’re always swashbuckling.

Adventures and fun, in the tropical sun,
Pirates we are so “hardy-harr-harr!”

We’re staying up late because we navigate by the stars.
Taking great pleasure by searching for treasure, gold bars!

Well, we’re off to Jamaica and willing to take you, we are!
So say sayonara, goodbye, farewell and aurevoir!

Or, Just say “AARGH!” Pirates say “AARGH!” A Pirate you are! “AARGH!””

This song is from the “My Halloween” album by In A World… It is available on: I-TUNES,, and

©2009 by Goes to Eleven Media


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