Skylanders Rescue Force Goes Skylander Hunting at Toys R Us and Rescue 2 New Legendary Skylanders

Skylanders Rescue Force Makes A Few Stops in Search Of The Elusive Pearl Hot Head, A Few Legendary Characters, and Whatever Else we’ve Missed!

This is Part 2 in our Skylanders Rescue, Hunting, and Searching Videos! There will be alot more Skylanders Rescue Force and Skylanders Hunting Videos in the near Future!

In this Skylanders Rescue Force Video we Rescue Legendary Trigger Happy and Legendary Bash. Legendary Trigger Happy was Rescued at Toys R Us and Legendary Bash was Rescued at Disc Replay! We also went Hunting at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart with no luck.

We can’t wait For Skylanders Swap Force! We have some really interesting Plans for The Skylanders Series. Thanks Everyone For Watching And Please Don’t Forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe!

Happy Skylanders Rescuing and Hunting to All!

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