Shopkins McDonald's 2015 Kids Happy Meal Toys 16 Packs, I Get Rare & Commons!

See the list below of all of the Shopkins from the 2015 McDonald’s line of Happy Meal Toys. Sorry, no super rare this round!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Here is the next batch of the 2015/2016 Shopkins Happy Meal Toys. Each toy set is really 3 toys in one! You get the visible Shopkins, the shopping bag and then one hidden Shopkins Surprise to open!


▶▶ Product Info/Skip Times
0:08 Shopkins McDonald’s 2015 Kids Happy Meal Toys
0:54 Opening Toy Bags 1-16
4:32 Opening Blue/Rare Bags
6:41 Setting Up Full Display

Teenie M-032 Common
Jennifer Rayne M-037 Common x2
Sneaky Wedge M-040 Common
Flippa Flops M-044 Common
Promy M-042 Common
Promy M-035 Common
Kitty Flats M-039 Common
flippa Flops M-039 Common
Promy M-051 Rare
Kitty Flats M-052 Rare

Curly M-019 Common
Mia Mirror M-022Common
Rhonda Ring M-023Common
Kelsey Compact M-021Common
Kelsey Compact M026 Common
Penelope Perfume M-029 Common
Penelope Perfume M-024 Common
Tiara M-027

Judy Jumper M-003 Common
Suzie School Skirt M-007 Common
Bella La Ball M-001 Common
Suzie School Skirt M-004 Common
Tutusweet M-008 Common
Suzie School Skirt M-047 Rare

Carrie Clutch M-015 Common
Heidi Handbag M-014 Common
Wendy Wristlet M-013 Common x2
Rebecca Bag M-010 Common
Connie Coin Bag M-018 Common
Wendy Wristlet M-011 Common

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