Oge by Karms x Trendy Gallery

The upcoming Oge polystone art toy by Karms x Trendy Gallery is sure to cause more than a few double and triple takes. Set for release as a preorder as part of his upcoming Room 063 solo at the gallery, Oge features a baby with a Narcissus flower growing seemingly growing out of his head. The slightly curious quickly turns more surreal with the realization that Oge’s head is not attached to his body. The figure is based on Karms’ original painting of the same name.

Caught in a moment in time, we are left to wonder whether Oge’s head is coming or going. A riff on the concept of external vs internal expressions, the figure seemingly explores the fluid relationship between one’s true self and one’s outward appearance. Where does identity start and end?

An edition of 36, the Oge polystone art toy (14.17″) will be available for preorder on Friday (9.10) at 7 AM PDT from Trendy Gallery’s site for 12,000 baht ($358). The figure includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

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