Earthman XL by Fools Paradise

One of Fools Paradise’s original characters returns in a new version for 2021. The new Earthman XL vinyl art toy offers a cuter, ‘Leon’ style take on the 2015 dissected resin version of the spaceman. While the new figure follows the basic outlines of the original with the wild, red helmet and the green flight jacket, the proportions have a compact, cartoony vibe (despite the towering size) rather than the more ‘realistic’ profile of the 2015 drops. Earthman’s history goes all the way back to 2012 with the OG Earthman handmade 1/6 figure—the sixth figure produced by the brand—featuring a laidback, leisure suit vibe.

While Fools Paradise is known for their pop culture mashups, it’s nice to see them refreshing and revisiting their own, early designs. The Earthman XL follows the refreshed Keiko Trooper which is a mix of the original Keiko character and the relentless shocktroopers of the Empire.

The Earthman XL vinyl art toy (24.8″) is available for preorder from Fools Paradise for $335 (worldwide shipping included). The figure is expected to ship in Q1 2022.

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