Smyths Toys – FlipZee Girls

Turn FlipZee Girl’s bonnet and blanket to transform her from baby to girl!

Baby Zoey has a fluffy turquoise bonnet with bear ears, and a white blanket with a pink paw print. Girl Zoey has a cute bear on her dress, which also has paw prints on the skirt, and fluffy trim. She’s even has fluffy legwarmers and bear ears on her head! Zoey’s soft and colourful hair is styled in bunches.

Baby Zandy has a pale blue bonnet with sprinkles, and a swaddle patterned like an ice cream cone. Girl Zandy has a multi-coloured skirt and stripy tights with hair to match.

Baby Zana has a strawberry-like bonnet, and a checkered swaddle. Girl Zana has a checkered dress with silky-feeling skirt, and her colourful, soft hair is styled in bunches.

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