Vintage Commercials 60's 70's & 1988 Toys Barbie Frisbee Sony

Which of these toys did you enjoy as a kid?
1. Slinky (Fun for a girl & a boy)
2. The Best of The West by Mark action figures
3. Malibu Barbie Sun Tan
4. Fascination
5. Dr. Seuss Zoo see & Say
6. Frisbee & Hula Hoop
7. Roy Roger’s Quick Shooter Hat ($5.99)
8. Silly Putty “The Real Solid Liquid”
9. Toys R Us
10. Sony Walkman
11. Captain Power Video Tapes
12. Baby Heather
13. Pampers (70’s) (You may ask, this a toy? Well, it could be for babies who get into the bags of diapers)
# 1-8 (60’s & 70’s) # 9-12 (1988)

This be all the good quality toy commercials I have, both from VHS & that CD I mentioned in other videos. Have fun!


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