Devil Red Chrome Rotten by Djinn & Tonic x Clutter

Djinn & Tonic’s twisted take on the fairytale poison apple returns in stylish fashion with the new Devil Red Chrome Rotten resin art toy from Clutter. The Red Chrome version is the third edition of the figure which features an apple rotten to its gnarly skull core. The twisty contours of the skull amplify the sense of evil and fit into the poison apple backstory. The new version is an amalgam of the first two drops: the OG translucent red and the follow-up Chrome edition.

An edition of 20, the Devil Red Chrome Rotten resin art toy (8″) will be available on Tuesday (8.31) at 3 PM PDT exclusively via the NTWRK app for $666 each. The figures are expected to ship in 8 weeks.

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