Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle Toy Review

Designed to withstand the coldest of climates and able to explore icy environments with ease, the Gup-S is the Octonauts’ ideal vehicle for polar exploration! The Gup-S can separate into two different vehicles-the Octo-Sled and the Octo-Shuttle! The Octo-Sled is perfect for quick explorations and it features an interchangeable tool system that allows you to attach rescue tools to the front of the vehicle. The Octo-Shuttle can open up to reveal a light-up floor and illuminated creature warming tank! The Gup-S features retractable treads, music, sounds and phrases and it comes with two mini-skis! Just attach the rescue tools to the skis to transform them into the perfect polar utility vehicles! Includes Gup-S, Barnacles in his snow suit, two mini-skis, three interchangeable tools, a narwhal and an iceberg. Ages 3+.

– The Gup-S is the Octonauts’ ideal polar exploration vehicle!
– Transforms into 2 vehicles-the Octo-Sled and the Octo-Shuttle!
– Gup-S opens to reveal an illuminated floor & rescue tank!
– Includes 2 mini-skis that can be equipped with interchangeable rescue tools!
– Retractable treads fold out from the bottom of the Gup!


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