The Octonauts Gup S Polar Exploration Vehicle Toy Playset Review

The Gup S Polar Exploration Vehicle is designed to withstand the coldest of climates and able to explore icy environments with ease, the Gup-S is the Octonauts ideal vehicle for Polar exploration. The Gup-S can separate into two different Vehicles. The Octo-Sled and the Octo-Shuttle, which allows the crew to navigate over the ice and under it. Complete with rugged retractable treads, the two mini-skis and an Anti-freeze Warming System this fully equipped Gup is the Octonauts Ultimate Polar Exploration Vehicle! Who are the Octonauts? They are a crew of eight wonderful cartoon animals who explore the ocean in search of adventure! From their undersea Octopod base, the eight animals (including a valiant polar bear, daredevil kitten, and big-hearted penguin, knowledgeable Octopus) are always ready to embark on exciting adventures. Explore Rescue Protect!

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Do you love the Octonauts and the toys. Then here is your change with watch your favorites like the Octopod, Barnacles, Peso, Kwazii, Dashi, Tweak, Shellington, Inkling, Tunip, and all the Gup’s like the Gup A, Kwazii’s favorite Gup B, etc

Have fun adventures with you Octonauts Toys like Bobbie and Mr Hands.


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