Wooden Astro Boy (Horizontal Blue) by ToyQube

ToyQube has created a stunning new premium version of Osamu Tezuka’s atomic wonder, Astro Boy. The Wooden Astro Boy (Horizontal Blue) wood sculpture features the now-familiar ‘greeting pose’ based on the traditional Thai greeting.

The mesmerizing piece is created with a painstaking process using horizontally laminated layers of white poplar wood with alternating blue-dyed layers. The striking effect becomes even more impressive when viewed from different angles as the changing light alters the appearance of the variegated layers.

The limited-edition Wooden Astro Boy (Horizontal Blue) wood art sculpture (12″) will be available for pre-order as part of NTWRK’s Open House virtual event on Wednesday (8.25) at 3 PM PDT via the NTWRK mobile app for $1,680. The sculptures are scheduled to ship in late November/early December 2021.

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