A First Look at the ‘OG Devil Bunny’ by Tristan Eaton

Back in 2002, Tristan Eaton sketched out his Devil Bunny character in an NYC restaurant as inspiration for the design of Dunny, the premiere art toy platform from Kidrobot. Now, roughly 20 years later Eaton is celebrating that initial spark of creativity that helped to ignite the designer toy scene in the USA with his upcoming OG Devil Bunny 8″ vinyl figure.

Flowing from the original sketch—part of Eaton’s All at Once exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art—the OG Devil Bunny’s sly skull face, slender ears (one bent forward) and sarcastic ‘peace’ gesture tell the story of a mischievous character about to bring the pain with the hammer tucked behind his back.

As seen in the render, the OG Devil Bunny will debut in a classic red devil colorway. Currently in production, look for Tristan Eaton’s latest vinyl art toy in the Fall.

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