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Today’s the day. Smeye World is hosting their SmeyeCon online event with a full slate of toy drops including customs, Funko protos and four exclusive art toys from Martian Toys. All the drops go live on Sunday (8.22) at 5 PM PDT from Smeye World.

Here’s a quick dive into the Martian drops starting with the Horns: Ogre (8″, Edition of 75, $120) vinyl art toy from the Hands In Factory team of Uptempo Lee, Jong hun Ha and RocKOON featuring a bay-area baseball team inspired design in orange and black. This edition also includes a 1 in 12 chance of scoring a Horns: Hibagon custom (edition of six) from Rombits. These hand-done pieces are essentially ‘chases’. Customers will receive either the production piece or a custom.

The SmeyeCon releases also include two from the Bulletpunk Universe: the Abiru TEQ63 (Pink) vinyl art toy (6″, Edition of 100, $90) by Ari x QUICCS x Martian Toys and the super limited Broken Yolk TEQ63 (6″, Edition of 20) by QUICCS x Martian Toys. Channeling her best Mariko impression, the Pink Abiru TEQ63 comes with a removable TEQ63 mask and baseball cap. Elevating a straightforward concept, the Broken Yolk edition features a egg-splat design delivered with a high quality automotive paint application.

Finally, SmeyeCon will also feature the lighthearted Rainbow Orca & Friends vinyl art toy set (Edition of 200, $60) from Thai artist Kaze and Martian Toys. This edition features translucent editions of the sea-shore crew: Orca, Cpt. SealDeckhand Puffer and Pirate Octopus. This edition includes six chase Neapolitan Orca & Friends custom sets from Rombits. Out of the six custom sets, one is the super rare Gold Neopolitan set which includes a $1,000 Smeye World shopping spree.

[Abiru TEQ63 Photos: RatDaddy

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