‘Ghetto Blaster’ Canvas Rug by kaNO x Rugtomize

The new Ghetto Blaster canvas rug from kaNO x Rugtomize adapts the bold original painting to the home. The rug (3′ x 4′) features a young man rocking a boombox with his eyes on the future. The new lifestyle release is the second product based on the painting, following the recently released Ghetto Blaster vinyl art toy (February 2021).

The Ghetto Blaster canvas rug (3′ x 4′) will be available as a one-week timed edition starting on Monday (8.23) at 1 PM PDT from Rugtomize for $400. The rug combines a Morrocan-style woven material with a plush foam backing for a stylish addition to any space.

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