Skelecan El Diablo by American Gross x Czee13 x Clutter

As part of the just opened They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles V exhibition, American Gross released the limited-edition Skelecan El Diablo resin art toy in collaboration with Canbot creator Czee13 x Clutter. The double-poured El Diabo figure features a gossamer blue and purple mica-metal resin internal skeleton with a water clear ‘skin. The detailed skeletal sculpt features a comic-book style ‘Gross’ at the back of the sculpt. The mica-metal resin adds a pleasing shimmer to the piece. El Diablo follows the previous Blue Glow edition (February 2021).

An edition of 30, the Skelecan El Diablo resin art toy (5″) is available from the Clutter Gallery for $250 and is expected to ship in six weeks. The figure includes a laser-etched wood box and Certificate of Authenticity.

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