Robo ZZZ Samurai Blue by Jolim x

The new Robo ZZZ from Jolim x riffs off old-school robots with a fun, zany, slightly over-the-top design. Debuting in Samurai Blue, the spunky ‘bot quickly dashes any ‘cute’ notion once one notices sharp, pointy spikes…nearly everywhere including the back of his hands, his waist and his feet.

The somewhat modular design accommodates several different hand designs/accessories including the standard hands as well as the optional yellow ‘shark weapons’. The promo renders have also shown a megaphone accessory that may be available in the future. Finally, Robo ZZZ includes a wild detachable eye set that give the ‘bot a cartoon-like zoom/bugged-out effect. Robo ZZZ follows Jolim’s previous Knuckleheadzu project.

The Robo ZZZ Samurai Blue soft vinyl art toy (6.61″) is available for $170 (standard set) or $190 (w/shark weapons). To order send an email to with the following info Name, Address (in English), Email address, Telephone Number, Instagram Name and PayPal email. The figure is expected to ship in November.

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