Neon Dreamz SuperJanky and UberJanky by J. Balvin x Superplastic

Reggaeton superstar J. Balvin brings his energy and signature visual style to the brand-new Neon Dreamz SuperJanky and UberJanky (16″) vinyl art toys from Superplastic. Bathed in vivid neon green, both versions feature the singer’s unmistakable lighting bolts for both eyes and ‘fur’ along the arms. The different color bolts on the arms flow out of Balvin’s embrace of a rainbow of color in his apparel and branding.

The Neon Dreamz SuperJanky (Ed. of 999, 8″, $90) and UberJanky (ed. of 300, 15″, $179) vinyl art toys will be available from Superplastic on Thursday (8.19) at 11 AM PDT. Both figures are scheduled to ship in October 2021.

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