TIWAL 3 | Yacht Toy | Review by S/Y All View Captain

Captain Jack of Sailing Yacht All Views gives a testimonial about his Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboat. « Good fun for everybody and fantastic toy to have, no matter what size your boat is. It’s great ! We really enjoy it ! » Tiwal 3 dinghy is on board S/Y All View since 2015.

S/Y All Views is a Sunreef 58 and was built by Sunreef Catamaran.

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** The Tiwal 3 Sailboat **

The Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing dinghy comes in two bags that are easily transportable by car, boat and even by plane. This small inflatable sailboat is easily assembled in 20 minutes without any tools. Easy to handle, its sailing qualities will give you a thrilling experience. Very responsive, stable, and comfortable in light winds, the Tiwal 3 is dynamic in more challenging conditions. Whether you’re sailing solo or double-handed, it is perfect for your adventures at sea or on a lake!

Boat of the Year Award | Best Innovation | by Sailing World U.S.A.
“The thing was a blast. I couldn’t believe how well it sailed. You could have some serious fun with this, especially in big breeze.”


** The Tiwal story **

* The Birth of Tiwal *
As a girl, the first time our founder Marion Excoffon was told, “No!” by her father when she asked to use the family boat, her life as an inventor began. It was then she started dreaming of building her own craft, an ambitious feat that would come true years later.

On the road to creating an innovative high-speed vessel for everyone from kids and first timers to expert sailors who want to test limits, there were a number of prototypes, failures, challenges and headaches. But, if there’s one thing Marion’s known for, it’s her sailor’s grit!

* Combining Fun & Technology *
The award winning Tiwal concept is easy assembly and storage – maximum fun and performance for watersports and activities. A Tiwal isn’t your average dinghy! Our design is the result of tons of coordination, talent, and technological savvy.

* A Growing Global Community *
For our community of Tiwal skippers (more than 800 worldwide!) all this innovative design means their focus is fixed on the pleasures of watersports and having tons of fun on a responsive sailing craft. With excellent upwind and downwind abilities combined with high-speeds, Tiwals are a part of both fun and professional performance.

The Tiwal 3 received the Boat of the Year (Best innovation) Award 2014 from Sailing World in the USA and the Red Dot Award, with recognitions, accolades, and smiling faces continuing to join together on the waves worldwide. Join us!


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