Spacetro Patrol 1/6 by Ashley Wood x Underverse

Ashley Wood delivers a 1/6 vision of his popular Ashtro vinyl art toy with the new Spacetro Patrol 12″ figures from Underverse. Available in six randomly assorted colorways, Spacetro features an Ashtro-style duck-bill face and pointed helmet on a UV 1/6 scale body featuring 25 points of articulation. The fully equipped patrol figure includes standard issue Space Patrol gloves, weathered boots, patrol suit and patrol backpack. The six colorways include three grayscale designs—Greycat, Icecream Kiss and Licorice Kiss—and three colorful designs—Bumbleboy, Hard Candy and Hotwings. With the previous vinyl art toys and the new 1/6 editions, the Ashtroverse now speaks to a wide range of collectors.

The Spacetro Patrol 1/6 figures are available for pre-order as individual blind boxes ($180) or as a complete set of six ($1080) from Underverse. Order of four or more figures are guaranteed to be free of duplicate colorways. The pre-order window ends on September 14

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