Power Raider – Reality Pink Fighter by Kenneth Tang x Tokusatsu Vinyl

Kenneth Tang continues his look back at Japanese tokusatsu shows —elaborate series featuring costumed heroes and monsters—with a bit of a curve ball release. It turns out that many of the costumed ‘female’ characters seen in vintage era shows were in fact played by male stuntmen.

Inspired by this mismatch, Tang has created the humorous, double-take Power Raider – Reality Pink Fighter under his Tokusatsu Vinyl label. The figure features a now middle-aged stuntman as the Pink Ranger. The figure includes a removable pink helmet (of course), hand gun and ‘fun toy’ —perhaps a reminder that fantasies may be just that. But… how do we know what the real Pink Ranger looks like? In a weird twist, he was unexpectedly (?) unmasked on a TV show—see the video below.

The Power Raider – Reality Pink Fighter vinyl art toy (7″) is available for preorder from select retailers including myplasticheart and Strangecat Toys for $79.99. The figure is slated to ship in November 2021.

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