Monster Bugs – Demon Jaw by Jubi

Taiwan-based Jubi’s new creation packs quite a bite with a hybrid design blending his two shelled specialities-—rabs and insects. The brand-new Monster Bugs – Demon Jaw soft vinyl art toy debuts in a nearly-all-black edition.

The gnarly new bug features an armored shell, articulated jaws, articulated wings and cartoon-like eyes and mouth. For those unfamiliar with Jubi’s work, the design follows his recent focus on adding a whimsical mood to his gritty, hyper-detailed sculpts. Monster Bugs – Demon Jaw’s facial expression/design is quite similar to his previous Crab Claw Kun figures.

The Monster Bugs – Demon Jaw vinyl art toy (4″x4″) is available for pre-order directly from Jubi for 3000NT ($108) for overseas and Taiwanese collectors. The figure will also be available for pre-order from USA-based Toy Art Gallery on Friday (8.13) at 12 PM PDT for $110. The figure is scheduled to ship in September 2021.

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