BigDel Mad Spraycan Mutant by BigDel x MadL x Martian Toys

Beware the BigDel Mad Spraycant Mutant. The ski-mask vandal is coming for the green—paper and herb. Thai artist BigDel’s turn on the unconventional graffiti toy from Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys features a masked bandit in a red, gray and white hoodie with weed deco.

Downplaying the wild mutant vibe of previous releases, the BigDel edition slips into the neighborhood, minus the spray can head and paint-brush hands. As with previous editions, the figure features seven points of articulation, two pairs of swappable shoes (vans and erase) as well as the coveted can rattle feature.

An edition of 175, the BigDel Mad Spraycan Mutant vinyl art toy (8″) is set to drop on MadCan Monday (8.16) at 9 AM PDT from Martian Toys For $90.

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