Nice! Shoes by Patrick Goodwin

A fan of art toys, North Carolina-based tattoo artist Patrick Goodwin is working on his very first vinyl art toy. Nice! Shoes transforms the legendary AJ1s into a snorting, raging bull.

Seen here as a painted prototype, the figure has an appealing, super-deformed (SD) vibe with its compacted proportions. The design manages to stay true to both inspirations by incorporating bull features into the legendary sneaker silhouette. The blood-stained horns set the tone, as do the focused eyes tucked subtly under the swoosh on each side. The front end or snout is where the design comes alive. Baring its teeth, the bull’s skin curls naturally in the corners while the nostrils rise slightly.

A numbered edition of 100, the Nice! Shoes vinyl art toy (5″ tall, 6″ long) is in production with an estimated Q4 (October/November) release window.

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