Pitman by Pit Works Design x Lau Mo Works

Specializing in custom-built motorcycles, Taiwan-based Pit Works Design has collaborated with designer Lau Mo Works on the upcoming Pitman resin art toy. Part of the Pitman Squad, the interplanetary motorcycle customizer has landed on Earth (head first?) with plenty of bikes to trick out.

The zany figure fits Pit Works Design’s motorcycle-focused workshop perfectly. Pitman is ready to work with wrench and screwdriver in hand. His cracked helmet and exposed brain are proof that he’s always ready to ride and customize.

Pitman’s injury is a highlight of the retro character design. While the helmet crack offers a peek at his brain, it can be removed to reveal his entire exposed noggin. The clever design continues to the use of magnetic joints that allow for some wild automotive ‘poses’ as seen in the gallery. Head on a motor, sure, why not?

An edition of 120, the Pitman resin art toy (6″) will be available on Saturday (8.14) for $105. Follow Pit Works Design for release info.

Pitworks Universe story

After thousands of space jumps, PITman, who is currently exploring the universe, came to an asteroid “Earth” in the solar system. Originally, this space jump was to relax and vacation, but how could the modified demons of the various galaxies in the universe let this top repairman with superb craftsmanship be spared?

With the overwhelming number of commissions ensuing, PITman also decided to recruit more work partners to form a car-changing special attack team. Who else will join in the future? Let us stay tuned together!

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