Hot Topic Exclusive Puffalobe & Sprinkle by Thimblestump Hollow

Right about now we could all use a hug. From the magic minds of Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak comes the brand-new Thimblestump Hollow – Puffalobe & Sprinkle 5″ vinyl art toy. Just released as a Hot Topic exclusive, the figure features a pair of friends, Puffalobe and Sprinkle, enjoying each other’s company. One big plus one small equals completely charming.

Technically a standalone blindbox release, the figure features three randomly assorted colorways. The two primary colorways— Totally Rad (243 pcs) in Cyan and Unicorn Galaxy (243 pcs) in Gray—split the total run almost exactly in half. And then there’s also the Electric Sunrise super rare chase that’s limited to just 10 pieces. For ratio fans, that’s 1:50.

An edition of 500, the Hot Topic Exclusive Puffalobe & Sprinkle vinyl art toy (5″) is available exclusively from Hot Topic. Normally priced at $32.90, the brand-new release is available for $23.03 as part of Hot Topic’s one-day flash sale which ends on Wednesday (7.28) at 11:59 PM PDT.

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