Tomenosuke Exclusive Surrenders: ‘Five’ Stevia Edition by Mirock Toy

Tomenosuke is set to release its exclusive Surrenders: ‘Five’ Stevia edition sofubi from Mirock Toy. Five, the fifth character in Mirock Toy’s Buddha-inspired Surrenders series, is artist Yohei Kaneko’s celebration of the 1980s. The nostalgia arrives in the Pocari Sweat inspired blue/white marbled Stevia colorway.

Inspired in part by Dustin of the Stranger Things show, the eclectic design cuts across the decade with several accessories including a Shiba Inu with ’11’ on the dog tag, a Baoulé tribe mask (as seen on Herbie Hancock’s 1988 Headhunters album cover), a vintage Realistic-brand walkie talkie, and a baby bottle alternate arm. A deeper dive reveals a Goonies reference with Data’s control box seen on Five’s chest and the skeletal hand of the legendary Bones Brigade skateboard team’s mascot emerging from the waist pack.

The Tomenosuke exclusive Surrenders: ‘Five’ Stevia edition sofubi art toy will be available on Tuesday (7.27) at 7:59 AM PDT from Tomenosuke’s international and Japan-only sites for ¥23,100 ($207).

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