Popeye Spinach Skate and Double Spinach by Emergency Toys

For this year’s officially-licensed Popeye project at the Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show, France-based Emergency Toys created not one but two inspired, original resin art toys of the iconic cartoon sailor. The Double Spinach figure flaunts Popeye’s power with a pumped-up pose. The design shows off the sailor’s heavily tattooed arms, massive biceps and the source of his power: spinach. With a can in each hand, Popeye is ready for the heavy lifting.

Switching gears from power to agility, Emergency Toys reimagines Popeye for the concrete jungle with the Spinach Skate figure. The sailor dwarfs his skateboard as he glides and flows effortlessly in a vintage stance straight out of his glorious past. The spot-on-sculpt brings the action to life.

Considering the strong sculpts and designs, the extremely limited availability is sure to disappoint some. Both officially-licensed resin figures are limited to only ten pieces, five released at last weekend’s ACG HK convention and five coming up for the September event in Guangzhou.

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