Attack Peter Godzilla by Mondo x Toho

Mondo revealed its upcoming Godzilla Museum vinyl statue series on their Toy Talk 2021 live stream—part of its SDCC Comic-Con @ Home schedule. As the name suggests, the series explores the evolution of the kaiju. Three initial designs were revealed including the 1970’s Godzilla Cartoon edition, a nearly solid-green version with a definite similarity to Reptar; the grayscale 1954 Gojira and the Attack Peter Godzilla, the series’ first artist edition.

Known for his memorable prints, many of Kaiju monsters, Attack Peter brings his wood-block aesthetic to the legendary Godzilla. His black on off-white design leaps off the page and into roaring reality. While we wait for the release (later in 2021), the off-white vinyl does beg a question. Glow in the dark?

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