SuperKranky Ramona Red & Yuba Yellow by Sket-One x Superplastic

Missing your SuperKranky fix? Not to worry. Sket-One x Superplastic have you covered with a double dose of summer street art fun. The Ramona Red & Yuba Yellow SuperKranky vinyl art toys bring two vintage Kali Kolors hues to Sket’s rather popular Krylon-inspired Kranky platform. Just as with the original cans, each figure features the color’s name on the removable cover. And yes, these rattle when you shake ’em, just like the actual cans.

Downside? These are the two final Kali Kolors drops. That said we’re looking forward to Sket’s upcoming UberKrankys.

Editions of 1444 (kool kids number), the new SuperKranky Ramona Red & Yuba Yellow vinyl art toys (8″) are in stock and available from Superplastic for $90 each.

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