Kuncat ‘No Way Out’ by Sakun x Martian Toys

Sakun’s signature character takes his final turn on QUICCS‘ TEQ63 body with the new Kuncat ‘No Way Out’ vinyl art toy from Martian Toys. The culmination of the crossover features a sketch-style design with small doodles and lettering across the figure. From detention to art toy stardom, notebook art shouldn’t ever be underestimated. Kuncat’s usual mismatched eyes, one yellow and one blue, offer a nice colorful contrast with the black on white design.

An edition of 75, the Kuncat ‘No Way Out’ vinyl art toy (6″) will be available on Friday (7.23) at 9 AM PDT from Martian Toys. While pricing has not been announced, previous Kuncats have retailed for $90.

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