ZX Maguro Z by Chino Lam x Go Nagai x Unbox Industries

Chino Lam dives back into the wonderful world of Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z with the ZX Maguro Z crossover vinyl art toy from Unbox Industries. A followup to the OG Mazinger Maguro figure (October 2020), the new edition celebrates Lam’s signature Maguro character with a blue and red colorway of the imaginative design that combines the legendary giant robot and the plucky tuna. And just who might be piloting the tuna robot? Why none other than Maguro himself, who can be seen in the clear fish head cockpit.

The colors make all the difference here. While the OG edition comes across as a stylized take on Mazinger Z in its iconic colors, ZX Maguro Z is immediately recognizable as Chino Lam’s Maguro thanks to the familiar blue and red (as well as the darker eye pupils). The two editions complement each other nicely with the pair spotlighting each artist’s signature character.

Previously released at the past weekend’s Summer Soul event in Hong Kong, the ZX Maguro Z soft vinyl art toy (8″) will be available on Saturday (7.24) at 8 AM PDT form Unbox Industries for $130.

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