Wiggumsaurus by Elbo x GZ1

Quick! What do you get when you combine Elbo’s dinosaur designs with GZ1‘s passion for pop culture? Wiggumsaurus! The first of several planned collaborative art toys based on the lovable folks in Springfield features the chief of police as you’ve never quite seen him.

While at first glance he might seem fairly harmless, beware the beast within. With razor sharp teeth, a presumably ferocious roar and a tiger tail, this is not the Wiggums you’ve grown to love…and ignore. Going by the cigar in hand, he still does enjoy the finer things as well.

Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘But it’s not glass.’ That’s true and no, you can’t smoke it. At least, we wouldn’t recommend that. It is however vinyl, which we love. And… it’s definitely got that dino bite!

An edition of 500, the Wiggumsaurus vinyl + resin art toy (5.5″) will be available exclusively on NTWRK from $250 on Friday (7.23) at 1 PM PDT. The carded figure will be released in five different packages, each featuring a different environment on the card. Each of the different package environments is limited to 100 pieces.

U (7.21, 6:50 PM): Added product video

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