Go, Go, Robo-Kroo by SkinnyElbows

SkinnyElbows blends saturday morning cartoons, classic tokusatsu shows, sentai, pop culture and more into his Go, Go, Robo-Kroo series featuring four personable characters. The Kroo includes Robbie, a workhorse robot; YeYe 32, a vaguely monkey-shaped companion ‘bot with mechanical skills; ZoZo, the stout, two-tone medical droid and Stella Soul: Intergalactic Rap Queen who bears a resemblance to the ‘Queen’ herself. Flowing with flair, the funky four deliver futuristic fun.

The Go, Go, Robo-Kroo resin art toys are available in limited quantities from Bubble Wrapp for $125 per figure or $400/set of four. 3D-printed and hand-painted by the artist, each of the self-produced figures include a postcard size print of the character and Go, Go, Robo-Kroo stickers.

Go, Go, Robo-Kroo Bios

Robbie is KR-001 – a manual labor unit with a protective attitude. Built in the tough factory yards of Pluto for use in the comet-mines of the Oort Cloud, it loves nothing more than hanging out and relaxing after a hard year at work in the cold depths of interstellar space. The shiny exo-armor is designed to deflect micrometeorites and the red details allows for quick identification out in the blackness of space.

YeYe 32 is KR-002 – a friendship droid built for deep space/ intergalactic assignments. A constant presence on scientific colony ships, YeYe 32 is also a highly skilled mechanic and possesses extreme strength in order to carry out maintenance duties. It may be a little sassy at times, but you will never find a more committed companion!

ZOZO is KR-003 – a medical droid who always feels sad but is full of love. Possessing extensive medical databases, ZOZO is built on an agile analytical model which allows it to learn and adapt quickly to new situations. The burden of universal empathy may weigh heavy, but ZOZO always cares for all.

Stella Soul: Intergalactic Rap Queen is KR-004 – an interplanetary goddess from another dimension, with a wild style and no need to smile because her rhymes can never be put on trial because she’s so versatile. Fused in the pulsating heart of a trans-dimensional supernova from the building blocks of hip hop, sci-fi and superheroes, she is another proud and confident woman not to be messed with.

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