Usotengu Bushido by Keira On The Roof x Merry Go Round

HK-based Keira On The Roof’s signature Usotengu character returns with the brand-new Usotengu Bushido mini art toy from Merry Go Round. The debut version of the new samurai-themed sculpt with a red and yellow design will be released at the upcoming Summer Soul one-day convention in Hong Kong (7.18).

The Bushido version follows the sitting pose of the Usotengu figure featured in the previously-released Merry Go Round Artists Remix blindbox series. A blend of Pinocchio and Tengu, the new edition showcases the character’s dual inspirations. Rather than the traditional oversized red nose, Usotengu’s classic red Tengu mask changes things up with a wood Pinocchio-like nose.

The Usotengo Bushido mini vinyl art toy (2.75″) will be available from booths B16 & B18 at Summer Soul (7.18, 10 AM – 7 PM) at KITEC in Hong Kong.

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