COPE2 Vinyl Art Toy by JPS Art Gallery

As part of its three-person Time Travel exhibition with COPE2, Chino Lam and Afa Annfa in March of this year, JPS Art Gallery COPE2 vinyl art toy based on the bronx graffiti pioneer known for his bubble tags. With stylized proportions and an expressive character design, the new toys celebrate the bronx bomber with an energy and flow that draws on the classic HK urban vinyl aesthetic.

Available in both blue and orange editions, the figure captures COPE2 in a hoodie with spray can and cigar accessories. In an unexpected twist, both figures also come with translucent smoke cloud accessories which fit over the figure’s head. The cloud along with the hoodie feature the classic COPE2 bubble tag.

The COPE2 vinyl art toys (10.63″) in Blue (100 pcs) and Orange (50 pieces) are available from JPS Art Gallery for $260 each with included USA shipping.

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