Baby Bing – Original & Strawberry by KewBoyTH

Thai artist KewBoyTH expands his line of sweet art toys with the new Baby Bing figures. Bing is a cute otter with a soft spot for his namesake bingsu—a Korean shaved ice dessert popular in Thailand. The figure is available in two ‘flavors’: original tea (yellow) and strawberry (pink). Enjoy the shaved ice but beware of Bing’s tiny ears poking above the desert. While not at all obvious, it turns out otters and shaved ice make a cute combo.

The Baby Bing resin art toys (3.15″) are available for preorder KewBoyTH’s online store in both Original ($65) and Strawberry ($75) editions. Baby Bing is a follow-up of sorts to the artist’s previously released Huhi Macaron set. The figures will ship after production is complete in an estimated 2-4 months.

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