Leon // Golden Silver by Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise’s upcoming Leon // Golden Silver vinyl art toy is based on the Love on Delivery (破壞之王 aka King of Destruction) 1994 action comedy starring HK actor/director Stephen Chow. While the oversized Garfield mask suggests another genre-bending crossover from Fools Paradise, the design is actually based on the outlandish ‘hero’ costume worn by Chow’s character, a food deliverer, as he fights to protect and win over a beautiful woman. The fight scene is just one in a long line of laugh-out-loud scenes brought to the screen by the talented actor.

The Leon // Golden Silver vinyl art toy will be available for preorder from Fools Paradise ‘soon’. The new figure is the second Fools Paradise release based on a Stephen Chow film, following the previously-released Leon // Supreme Bo based on A Chinese Odyssey (1995).

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