Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart: Turtle Daimao by Jed Henry x Mighty Jaxx

Anything Mario can do, Bowser can do better??? The imperial race continues with the new Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart: Turtle Daimo polystone art toy set from Jed Henry x Mighty Jaxx. A rousing follow-up to the OG Mushroom Shogun edition (12.2020), Turtle Daimao features Bowser as the racer in a rickshaw kart being pulled by a turtle footman—love the exhausted expression.

As with the previous release, this cleverly executed mashup of Japanese woodblock imagery and the classic video game franchise includes three power-up accessories. This time Bowser can equip a Bomberman style explosive, a turtle shell with a traditional decorative pattern, and our favorite, a realistic squid squirting ink . While the pop culture mashup field grows by the day, Jed Henry is lapping most of them with a clever, on point concept executed with passionate precision.

An edition of 500, the Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart: Turtle Daimo polystone art toy (5.8″ H x 8.6″ W) set will be available for preorder on Saturday (7.10) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $249 (worldwide shipping included). As a bonus, the first 64 purchasers will receive a 4″ Kame-Hime figure (Princess Peach?).

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