Reptile Bros by Addicted to Happiness

HK-based Addicted to Happiness has released its Reptile Bros soft vinyl art toy series featuring three cold-blooded streetwise teens. The most unusual crew includes Ah Sam – Beard Dragon, Lung Jai – Tiliqua (Skink) and Leung Jai – Iguana. Each character shows off their personality through their poses, Ah Sam celebrating by dabbing, Lung Jai holding his arms tight against his body and Leung Jai taking a fighting stance. Wearing hoodies, blue jeans, sneakers, the Reptile Bros do their best to blend into the concrete jungle.

The Reptile Bros soft vinyl art toys (Ah Sam & Lung Jai: 3.35″, Leung Jai: 3.94″) are available from Addicted to Happiness for $38 each and come with the traditional bag and header packaging.

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