‘Realize’ by Luke Chueh – Vinyl Pulse

Luke Chueh’s new series of 3.75″ carded figures explore what it’s like to be imprisoned. Of course the subject (victim?) is none other than his signature bear. The series is set to debut at #DKECON SDCC 2021 Edition virtual convention (7.23 – 7.25)

Realize, the first figure, represents the initial stage in which the bear discovers it’s trapped within the tight boundaries of a clear figure blister that is now its new home/prison. Driven by the traditional card + blister ‘action figure’ packaging, the concept is smart, clever and 100% Luke Chueh. The card back seems to offer a preview of the next two figures Resist and Resign, likely the bear’s second and third stages of psychological reactions to its unfortunate new reality.

A signed/numbered edition of 100, the Realize resin carded figure (3.75″) will be available from the #DKECON online store for $100 beginning on Friday (7.23) at 12 PM PDT.

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