Mr HellYeah Thotsawat by Mamafaka x Carnival x Mighty Jaxx

The signature character of the late Thai designer Mamafaka returns with a new toy as part of the 10th Anniversary Carnival x Mamafaka capsule celebrating the Thai streetwear brand’s decade-long collaboration with the artist and his estate.

The new Mr HellYeah Thostawat vinyl art toy from Mighty Jaxx features Mamafaka’s one-eyed character in black ready for play with a skateboard tucked under one arm and a basketball spinning on the other hand. With an old-school headband and retro sneakers, the character embodies the artist’s passion for sports and extreme sports.

While the 10th Anniversary Carnival x Mamafaka capsule sold out quickly in Thailand, Mighty Jaxx reserved a limited quantity for international collectors. The Mr. HellYeah Thostawat vinyl art toy (8.5″) will be available in limited quantities on Saturday (7.3) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $199. The figures are in stock and ready to ship. In addition to the figure, Mighty Jaxx will also have the full 10th Anniversary collection featuring skate decks, tees, caps, hoodies and more.

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