LOWFOOL – STEEL OF LEAGUE (T01-GD) by Fools Paradise

The Lowfool Robot Rugby League is home to fierce fools, mangled mechs and a few shattered skulls. Clad in RX-78 armor, Fools Paradise’s Lowfool – Steel of League (T01-GD) vinyl art toy is a perfect blend of man and machine. Ready for fight or feint via flight courtesy of his rocket pack, Lowfool is the perfect ball carrier.

An imaginative blend of modern day sports and classic anime, T01-GD incorporates the classic Gundam-inspired design and colors into a futuristic football vision. While Lowfool has taken on many roles over the years, some superheroic, some stylish, this just might be the most seamless fit so far for his powerful physique.

A made-to-order edition capped at 498, the Low Fool – Steel of League (T01-GD) vinyl art toy (15.75″) is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $420 (shipping included). The figure is expected to ship in Q3 of 2022.

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