Bronze Liberty Sculpture by Buff Monster

Just ahead of the Fourth of July, Buff Monster is set to release his Bronze Liberty Sculpture. Crafted in bronze, the modern standard for statues, the definitive edition of the artist’s celebration of the Statue of Liberty features his signature one-eyed ice cream character carrying a melting double-scoop ‘torch’. For Buff Monster, the sculpture is an expression of optimism and reminder of the highest ideals worth striving towards.

An edition of 20, the Bronze Liberty Sculpture (10.63″) will be available on Wednesday (6.30) at 8 AM PST from StayMelty for $3600—limited to one per household. The sculpture includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity, features the artist’s stamped signature on the underside and comes in a wood crate. The new bronze edition follows the initial hand-painted one-off series released at the beginning of the year.

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